Helping open-hearted children and adults in Santa Barbara and across California

Find your mind-body healing through an integrative somatic approach


If you are


stuckness in trauma

anxiety, feeling on edge, restlessness

depression, exhaustion, burnout

difficulty finding direction in life

challenge being in tune with yourself or others

struggling to be kind to yourself or have a harsh inner critic

I am here to support you.

I have devoted my career to gathering a collection of somatic, compassion, and mindfulness-based tools designed to transform your pain into growth and discover your inner resilience.


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Therapy Services

I provide one-on-one and couples therapy to adults of all ages across California, in an integrative and tailored approach that combines somatic, compassion, and mindfulness-based techniques to serve each individual’s unique needs.

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Healing Modalities

I offer a range of alternative healing modalities including Reiki, teaching meditation, sound meditation, and yoga on both a 1-to-1 basis as well as in private/public group settings.

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healing courses

A mini-course to help you move from understanding self-compassion cognitively to actually experiencing it deeper within yourself. In under 30 minutes this program will help you feel your self-compassion in a more impactful and sustainable way.


I'm Anahita Navab Holden

I am a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in somatic psychotherapy cultivated to treat experiences of trauma, anxiety, and depression. My life calling has been to find and create a range of healing modalities to help people learn to have influence in their own nervous system responses, to live a fuller and more meaningful life in connection with themselves and loved ones.

Reach out to me today to learn more about how I can support you!

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Mastering Your Own Nervous System

In under 10 minutes, this FREE meditation will teach you to gain mastery of your own nervous system responses by:

Experiencing a sense of grounding and centering through mindfulness

Learning to register cues of safety in your physical environment

Find and increase your sense of pleasure

Create more bandwidth to be able to stay present and navigate distressing thoughts and sensations so that you can more effectively work through them

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