Healing modalities to settle your nervous system and connect with your deeper sense of spirituality.

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In this modern day, we can often find ourselves feeling:

stuck on ON, staying revved up with anxiety and having difficulty winding down

stuck on OFF, struggling with exhaustion and burnout

disconnected from our experience of spirituality and connectedness with the bigger picture beyond the minutia of everyday life

Through these healing offerings, I will help you slow down enough to start to feel your energy shift, release energy blockages that are no longer serving you, and clear space to receive a new way of experiencing your world.

Healing Services

mix and match the packages below to individualize/tailor for your own unique needs

These packages are meant as a supplement or stand-alone experiences and not a substitute for psychotherapy. Please see my psychotherapy page for therapy services.

Meditation-with Sound and Aromatherapy add-ons

I provide private and group meditation lessons, which can be specifically geared towards traditional Buddhist Vipassana meditation, or include focuses such as mindfulness of breathing, compassion-based and lovingkindness meditation, and somatic/body awareness. I also offer a sound-focused meditation with the use of  432 Hz crystal sound bowls, harp, Koshi bells, and voice. Aromatherapy with doTerra essential oils can be used to complement and awaken the senses throughout this


45-min sessions for individuals - $125 ($150 for meditation with sound/aromatherapy add-ons)


45-min sessions for groups - $35/person ($50/person for meditation with sound/aromatherapy add-ons)


​​I am a certified yoga instructor trained by Tracey Rich and Ganga White of the White Lotus Foundation of Santa Barbara, California. I teach privately and in the Santa Barbara community at Yoga Soup. I offer 45-minute private and group yoga lessons in the style of hatha-vinyasa and restorative yoga. Hatha classes involve a more dynamic flow sequence of poses, while restorative classes offer a sequence of postures held for longer periods of time with usage of props to rejuvenate and relax the body. Through an initial dialogue with the student, I specifically tailor the practice to best suit their individual needs and preferences.


45-min sessions for individuals - $125

45-min sessions for groups - $35/person


Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that has been widely known to provide a variety of therapeutic benefits. I am a trained Reiki practitioner and find great joy in providing this healing modality as part of my practice. Through Reiki treatment, I am able to provide energy shifts by working within your energy field. Clients report feeling lighter, more relaxed and feeling shifts in perspective after sessions with me. Sound meditation with singing bowls, harp, and koshi bells as well as aromatherapy with DoTerra essential oils are available as add-ons to deepen your experience even further.


1 hr sessions - $150 ($175 for sound/aromatherapy add-ons)

Wellness Coaching

Are you feeling stuck or stagnant in some way in your life? Through wellness coaching, I support clients in a warm and direct style to make traction in creating a more healthy and sustainable way of being in your world. Together as a team we’ll collaborate to take inventory of your lifestyle, set goals and create a system of accountability so that you can feel a deep sense of satisfaction from following through on intentions that you have set for yourself. In addition to a range of focuses that I can offer in coaching, I also specialize in coaching focused on growing a personal meditation and/or spiritual practice, and that focused on time management and organizational skills to create a life for yourself that has a sense of flow and greater ease. Wellness coaching can be a good starting point for someone unsure as to whether they want to embark in the “deeper” work entailed by psychotherapy. It is not, however, meant to address mental health concerns that impede on basic life functioning.

If you are interested in this model of working together, please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss the process, which types of services might best meet your needs, rates, and our shared availability. I look forward to connecting with you!


50-min sessions for individuals - $195

Embodied Self Compassion (1)

Embodied Self-Compassion: 3 Simple Practices to Uncover Your Self-Love

I have designed a mini-course to help you move from understanding self-compassion cognitively to actually experiencing it deeper within yourself. By using somatic practices to tune into your inner kindness for yourself and feel it in your whole system, in under 30 minutes this program will help you feel your self-compassion in a more impactful and sustainable way.

When we are not encumbered by our inner criticisms and can really feel self-compassion, we feel lighter and are freed up to move through our lives with greater connection to ourselves, our loved ones, and the activities and events that create the most meaning in our lives.